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Property Viewing Checklist

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

When viewing one of our properties, or others on the market it's always handy to know what to look out for. We have compiled a handy checklist of things to take a look at and ask when viewing any rental properties.

First Things First, The Outside - Is the property in a good condition on the outside, is it clean and well maintained - Noise, is the property on a main road, could you foresee any noise issues. - Access, check to see how you would gain access to the property, is this secure? - Parking, in London a property with parking might be hard to find, however if the property does come with allocated parking make sure to look at the space, ensure your car could fit in the designated area.

Communal Areas

-When viewing check to make sure all communal areas are well maintained -If there are communal gardens check to see if this is regularly cared for - Ask about security within communal areas, check to make sure only residents can access these areas (and if not find out what other security measures are in place)

The Kitchen

- Check and make sure all appliances are in full working order, hobs turn on, taps run properly and that there is adequate space for your needs - Ask which appliances would be included with the rental - Check any electrical sockets in this area to ensure they work

Hall/Entrance - Ensure the door is secure and the locks work properly

- Make sure any flooring is in good condition - Keep an eye out for any signs of damp (bubbling paint, peeling wallpaper or dark patches on walls or ceiling)

Bedrooms - Make sure to measure your bed before coming to the viewing, measure up the rooms to ensure your furniture will fit in easily - Look for any signs of damp (bubbling paint, peeling wallpaper or dark patches on walls or ceiling) - Ensure the flooring is in good condition. - Check windows open and lock easily

Bathroom/Ensuite - Check all the taps and shower appliances are in full working order - Make sure the toilet flushes and clears properly - If there are radiators or heated towel rails check these are in full working order - If there are windows, ensure they open and close properly as well as checking the locking mechanism

Living Areas/Dining Room - Check the flooring is well maintained and in good order - Look for signs of damp (bubbling paint, peeling wallpaper or dark patches on walls or ceiling) - Bring a tape measure to the viewing and ensure your furniture fits - Is there enough storage space? - If the property comes fully or part furnished, ask to see exactly which items of furniture will be staying and check for damage - Are there enough electrical sockets for your appliances, check they are in full working order too

Tech Check - Make sure you can get good mobile phone service in the area/property - Look and see which broadband and TV services the property can receive (Check Here) - Check the broadband speed you are likely to get in the area (speed checker)

Safety First

- Check and see if there is a landlord gas safety certificate you can view

- If there is a home alarm check this is in full working order and will be coming with the property - Check all smoke alarms work

- Check to see if there is a clear route of escape in case of a fire (or ask to see the fire procedures within the building, if it's advised to stay put or escape)

Bills, Bills, Bills

- Check to see if any bills are included in the rental costs - Ensure you can afford the rental price - Check to see what council tax band the property will be in (Check here) - Ask for an estimated cost of running the property (might not be possible to provide but it can’t hurt to ask)

Next Steps If you plan on proceeding with the renting of a particular property;

- If you notice anything which needs to be repaired, get confirmation from the landlord in writing that this will be fixed before moving in (or within a reasonable timescale depending on works needed) - Make sure to fully read the tenancy agreement before signing - Check and keep record of any meter readings upon moving in

We hope this checklist has been helpful and will act as a guide for viewings and beyond. If you are looking for rental apartments within London check out our available properties on Rightmove

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