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10 Property Viewing Tips

Whether you’re an experienced renter or looking to rent your first home, property viewings can be daunting, knowing what to look out for can help keep you on track during the viewing process.

Here at BGRS Group we rent hundreds of properties every year, so conduct a fair few viewings every week, below we have compiled a handle list of 10 top tips for viewing properties with us, or other agents.

1 - Take It All In Now its understandable when viewing a property you will focus on the inside, as this is where you will be spending 99% of your time at home, however when viewing any properties, houses or apartments make sure to pay attention to the outside of the building.

An unkempt facade could be an indicator of issues internally, a property which is taken care of on the outside is a lot more likely to have been taken care of on the inside.

2 - Take Your Time On a viewing make sure to take your time, some lettings agents will want to complete viewings in a tight timeframe, most likely due to wanting to fit as many viewings in as possible. However they could also want you to be in and out quickly, as to not notice any harder to find problems within the property.

When viewing, remember you are looking for somewhere to live - take your time and view at your own pace.

3 - The More, The Merrier

If possible its always advisable to take someone you trust with you on viewings, whether this be your partner, parent or friend having another set of eyes can make sure nothing is missed. Make sure your viewing companion knows what you are looking out for and keep track of any comments during.

4 - 'Gut' Instinct

Many people rely on their 'gut instinct' when viewing properties, although its great to find somewhere you love as soon as you walk in the door, you need to remain objective when viewing any property. Leaving emotions at the front door and trying to keep a critical eye will ensure you don’t overlook potential problems.

5 - Its A Numbers Game If possible try and book more than just the one viewing, ideally at different times of the day. A first viewing is always advisable in daylight, as you can clearly see the condition of the property - however a viewing later in the day/early evening can help notice any potential noise issues etc.

6 - Damp Squib Damp is a major concern with most renters, and sadly many apartments suffer from damp as often there is no outside space to dry clothes etc.

Signs of damp to watch out for;

- Peeling wallpaper - A musty smell - Paint which is bubbling - Visible mould or dark areas on walls and ceilings

7 - Testing, Testing, 1 2 3 When viewing a property make sure to test appliances, make sure windows open, the tap works, toilets flush and that all the lights and switches work properly. If you do notice or find any appliances or switches not working, make sure to note this down and ask for these to be fixed prior to move in, or within a reasonable timeframe after moving in.

8 - Measure Up If viewing an unfurnished property your eyes can deceive you, a totally empty property can look larger than it necessarily is. Make sure to measure key pieces of furniture you will be moving in with (sofas, tables, beds) and remember to take a tape measure to your viewings and make sure all your furniture can fit.

9 - Lights, Camera, Action When viewing make sure to take pictures with the lights on or in daylight.

This way if you are pressed for time on the viewing, you can review the pictures at home.

10 - The New Basics 10-15 years ago people mostly sought out properties with ample parking and local transport links. Today although those elements are still important, we now live in a faster paced digital world. It is a good idea to check your phone coverage when viewing a property, also make sure to ask which broadband providers can service the property and whether the property is tied into specific providers for television services.

Hopefully this list will be helpful when viewing properties, if you are looking to rent within London and the surrounding areas check out our range of properties, we have a host of modern yet affordable studio - 3 bed apartments to rent - with no agency fees!

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